Helping Clients Through Difficult Times

Divorce is often a major source of emotional stress.

On top of managing the difficult emotional issues facing spouses and their children, the legal and financial aspects of the marriage dissolution must be dealt with as well.

An experienced Santa Rosa divorce lawyer can simplify the legal process and explain your options in plain English so you can make informed decisions.

My name is Robert Marmor, and my entire practice is devoted to family law. For more than 35 years, I have provided calm, effective representation in even the most heated divorce cases.

Providing Personalized, Attentive Representation

My priority is my clients and their children. I take the time to get to know my clients, learning about their families and their specific situations. By doing this, I am better able to pursue resolutions that are in their best interests. My Northern California law firm helps people with divorce issues including:

  • Complex property division: This includes issues of community assets and debts, retirement accounts, 401(k)s, stock options, and division of real estate and businesses.

  • Child custody and visitation: I help clients with vitally important issues of pursuing custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of the children.

  • Child support and spousal support: Whether a client is receiving support or paying support, I work to make sure my clients are fully informed and that their legal rights are protected.

  • Process choices: Parties in divorces have choices. I carefully explain to my clients the choices they have, including traditional litigation, mediation and the collaborative process.

  • Dissolution of same sex marriages: I advise and represent parties to same sex marriages in dissolution and other matters relating to same sex relationships.

Litigation or Negotiation?

When people think of divorce, they most often picture contentious, high-stress court battles. In my experience, however, I have found that many couples are able to sit down together and come to their own agreement on many, if not all, issues related to their divorce. For these couples I may recommend using the collaborative process. This is a peaceful process where both spouses, their collaborative attorneys and a team of financial and mental health professionals work cooperatively to reach an acceptable agreement. The process can reduce conflict, be cost-effective and efficient, and provide the parties with control over their situation rather than having a judge make decisions in their case. As an alternative to the collaborative process, I may recommend mediation which can be an excellent way to settle cases out of court.

Divorce Consulting & Limited Scope Representation

If finances are limited: I can provide services on a consultation basis for those who cannot afford to "retain" an attorney. In a consulting role, I can help clients represent themselves by preparing legal documents for them, by providing them with legal advice and direction, by reviewing documents, writing letters, and negotiating on my client's behalf. I can also appear with my client in court for a single hearing or for a limited purpose on a "Limited Scope" representation basis.

I often serve as a "consulting" attorney for a party participating in divorce mediation.